Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to React when something unexpected happens?

Hi Assalamualaikum. Yes, this is my second posting after the first one after I left this blog for some time. So, have you ever felt heart pounding or something that makes your heart beats without a rhymes and so on? Yes. How do we cope with that? How do we react? Yeah, this is a biology class students.

You never thought you will face this. You'll never expect to have this moment and scenario. You never planned for an incident recovery or disaster recovery or whatever. It was just happened. Well, the only thing is to turn to your One and Only God, Allah SWT. Its not that we did not turn to Allah for all this while, but currently that is my only IRP. You don't tell me that, I have to at least be prepared if something like this happens but yes I don't.

This is not the time to play around, now is not the time for you to take things for granted. I'm 24 and I'm about to plan everything but what will you do if it doesn't turn to what you've been planning? It is called FATE. And as a Muslim you MUST believe in Qada' and Qadar.

Allah SWT has already planned EVERYTHING for you. On the other hand, you can also plan something for yourself but He knows well. What is good and what is not. When what you need and what you want is now kinda blur for me. Wise. Is just it.

The next thing is, I never will regret what I've done or said. I'll never cares of what other people feels while they were just ignore my feelings. Yeah sometimes you have to be that mean. I am no type of jelly-jelly people! I'm tough now. Its tiring when you keep on thinking other's feeling instead of yours.

What will you do if you chose something you thinks is good for you now but ain't good for you 10 years later? Or less? How will you chose baby? But how do we know that, that is no good for you 10 years later? It's the art of making decision. Trust me.

#nowlistening to KEMBALI by Akim and Stacy for thousands of times....

Till then,x0x0

Sunday, December 16, 2012


         Assalamualaikum w.b.t people. Was so long time ago last I enter this to write a post. I miss this page damn much! How I miss writing stories, crying myself out here. Even though I looks stupid, so what? I never care about that. It seems like this was my interest. Used to say once, I love writing posts to improve my writing and speech skills. 

Ya Allah, I really missed this. I used to have my linger time during uni days as well as while I was doing my internship in Kelana Jaya. While reaching my final days in internship, I started to get busy looking for a job. I went to several job interviews. I gaiend lots and lots of experience in facing interviews and my personal opinion about that is you are selling yourself and your values to others :P I earned loads of confidenc. Know why?? When you talks to people from your outside cling, you'll get new opinions and ideas. You'll know how people looks at you. You'll know how people judge you. Professional people will always give professional ideas. That was what I thinks back then. I was so fresh. I used to tell friends that I was an interviewphobic. lol :P

Well, out of 4-5(can't remember) interviews, I got 3 offers out of it and I took one. And here I am. A Software Test Engineer. How cool is that post to me back then. Not anymore. Quite blur what is am going to tell tonite. Let's ramble :P

By the ways, since 5months ago, I always wanted to post something here everytime I did something new, as usual, everytime I learned something new etc but the thing is I don't think blogging can be inserted into my 24hrs now. I stole few of it to be spent with my loved ones. Most of it will be going to work. I know I'll get bored sooner or getting tired but lets pray that the time will come  later. 

I really miss writing. I missed to let myself out in a way that people won't have to listen to what I'm going to say and tell. Instead I know that random and anonymous people will read it and I felt it that way. 

But thing is, I really missed everything. Its not that I'm not happy with my current life but somehow tight schedule makes me always remember my old time. My fat-but-not-this-fat time, my happy-super-unserious-time compared to now. But life must goes on. As always, I love to Ctrl+S my schedule here. Working gets me busy and I love that. It makes me realize my old life is such a waste. Educationally :P I had so much fun, lingering around during my old days. But I love that. That is what I love the most. See? I never get serious with my studies at all. But I do struggle sometimes *crossfinger*




Today is Sunday and I just got back from work. And now is 11.44pm and tomorrow we have to get back to work and I started to let my self in this page. But good thing is now I know how to avoid myself from waking up late for school  work and wake myself up. :D 

p/s: Really want to refresh my blogging interest. Actually, I always want to blog my new life 5 months ago but I couldn't. Lets hope :P
p/ss: Everyone is posting about their convo day. So sweet <3 a="a" and="and" but="but" course="course" do.="do." do="do" dont="dont" few="few" finally="finally" font="font" graduated.="graduated." grateful="grateful" happy="happy" have="have" heart="heart" i="i" later.="later." m="m" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" pictures="pictures" so="so" that="that" to="to" will="will">
Till then, x0x0.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Industrial Training at IdotTv Sdn Bhd. 

Assalamualaikum! Good morning people. Today, 29th of June 2012, I still stand on the same floor for 4months ago. Except that I've been transferred to Cyberjaya for two months. This moment will be a history if I am not planning to stay here for a permanent job. I went here, for the first time on 20th of February 2012 which I reached here at 7 am sharp. I woke up at 5. Wait until Subuh prayer time, I drove here. Ohmaiohmai... So epic that time.

Harini saya dah matang. 4bulan tu macam sekejap je tapi masa mula-mula tu susah betul nak adapt. I remembered, crying while driving back home on the first day. Ya Allah embarrassing! The HR told us that our working time between 9am - 6.15 pm. I was very naive back then, which I think I was shocked and manja and mengada and I drove home crying sebab I still cannot adapt the working life, which I had to drive home late at night padahal selalu je lepak smpai tengah malam kat rumah. Tapi when it come to going back home late at night xde lah late mane pun, I cried. That was one- a history which I wanted to keep it by myself actually, it turned out to be exposed here on the net. Ok, takdelah by myself sangat pun sebab while before crying like a baby tu, I dah sebak-sebak sikit, thinking how I would survive being an adult padahal umur kau lagi 6tahun nak masuk thirtieth sighhhssss... Ok sambung, before I menangis tu, time tengah seba-sesak dada tu, I called him- the only one la kan, Just wanted to share things and stuffs on my first day. It turned out to be very mengade gedik macam mana entah, I cried.. OUT LOUD! Tau x? Peduli apa orang nampak- nampak tau, bukan dengar sebab muka terbayang dengan jelas yang I was crying. Hahah bongok. Cuba bayang, macam budak kecik tak nak pegi dentist macam tu lah, tapi masalah sekarang kau dah macam makcik tua tak nak pegi dentist. Buruk nau! hahahahahaha.

Nak jadi cerita, lepas nanges dekat en boifren, I called my sister, sebab first time drive dari Kelana Jaya tu lalu LDP memalam sesorang, ke Kepong-Jinjang. Jadi ceritanya I terlepas exit Kepong-Jinjang tu, I terus naik MRR2. Ohmaiohmai.. Dah melalak balik sebab nampak signboard tulis MRR2 tu menghala ke Batu Caves bagai, padahal sebelah signboard Batu Caves tu ada signboard Seremban- Ampang which I wajiblah familiar with. Bodoh x bodoh melalak macam orang nak kena jual kat Thailand. My mistake was, I thought that I ingat jalan balik sebab straight je, so I tak bukak GPS. Kakngah dah rimas tapi dia acted cool je la kan. "ok kau masuk je mane2 exit then try pusing balik. " Time tu I stopped the car dekat petrol station. Baru gelabah nak bukak GPS.
Ok, ni MRR2-Kepong flyover yang I berjaya googled- yang jalan kosong tu mrr2, I supposed to
follow jalan yang ramai orang tu, instead I naik atas MRR2.
Then I stopped crying and teruskan perjalanan, I found satu exit yang sangat jauh, untuk buat U-turn and follow the GPS la. I sampai rumah dekat kul 10 kot. Hahahaahhaha. What a first day kan.

So today is my last and final day of Industrial Training. And yesterday, I went to had lunch with colleagues yang dah banyak ajar pasal working life ni. Kak Hana pun last day next Monday, dia pun dapat offer lain, and sorang lagi, Programmer kat Idot ni, Shuhada nama dia. Dia same age dengan I, tapi dah jadi programmer. Sangat jeles.

Semalam jugak I had lunch dengan tiga orang classmates yang same-sama intern kat Idot ni, Fiqa, Dina Tonah. Lunch kat Chabang Cafe, the first cafe yang kitorg makan masa first daya dulu- together. Sama jugak semalam last lunch together.

Enough for the reading and writing, lets have some looking at pictures plak ey.

Keluar dari lift, level 10, pandang tepi nampak ini :)

Glass door ni, kene ade access card baru boleh main push-push.
First time kitorg main ding-dong, bibik yang tolong bukakkan :)
Now kitorg dah ade access card.

Huduh betul hand-sock dina aku lukis,
Drama Queen :P hahaha. Dah boleh keluar masuk sesuka hati :)

See? Pintu tu kitorg yang punya!
Currently ni tempat kitorg. Tapi tempat tonah duduk tu, tempat kak hana. Yang berselerak tu tempat aiii. :)

acting working1

acting working 2
hahaha. fiqa the one n only her. hehehe. tengok tu?

dh pandai tekan button kt dlm tu ha siap, biar lift tu labeled as "FULL" so die xkn stop at any level :)

Ok. Ni sume gambar2 posing perasan, gemuk, gedik, cover, Perasan bajet cam kau cntik sangat. Padahal gemuk. kbai!

Till then. Salam. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breaking Dawn- Epic Finale.

Assalamualaikum! This is what we've been waiting for. See you soon Edward, Bella!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nexus S.

Salam, hi helo. First time nk iklan smth dlm blog. Anyone who wants to own this sexy smart baby. Stil got 6mths warranty from manufacturer. Original. Price RM 800. Hurry!!  Contact me.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kenapa saya sayang awak?

Salam. Hai hello! Tak ingat bile denga topik ni dibincangkan di radio. Sebab apa awak suka dia? Ade sebab duit, rupa, gelak, senyum, etc. Yang kelaka, ade perempuan ni suka dekat teman lelaki dia sekarang ni sebab lelaki tu gelak tak ikhlas. Watde?? Tapi jodoh siapa tahu kan.

Ada lelaki call radio tu plak, ada cakap perempuan tu kapel dengan dia sebab dia kaya, laki tu support time perempuan tu belaja. Habis belaja putus. Itu biasa berlaku. Jodoh.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blogger Android.

Salam. Hello hai. Last time when I was using my first android phone, I tried to find an android app for blogspot, the one I found was not by google themself. This time I found one app from Google Inc.!

Lately, I find myself in a very in need for facial mask. I drove myself to the nearest drug-store. Which I got two choices (Watson n Guardian) and I chose guardian. I can't find any face mask which caught my eyes. I want something like clay face mask, or cream type. Tak jumpa.

I managed to buy three packs of these Acai Berry Face Mask. A pack for RM5.90. Mission incomplete :(

Thursday, June 14, 2012



Hai. Tau tak ape masalah kalau nak tuka link blog? Nanti few things kat page nanti senget benget. Malas nak godak-godek coding bagai *padahal xreti*. Ok lah. Bukan nak berlagak, tapi ingat blog picisan busuk ni tak de stalker?? Ada ok!!! Baru tadi stalker tu message gua cakap dia baru stalk.

Ok the thing is now nak cakap, Allah bagi kita sakit sebab nak hapus dosa. So dekatkan diri dengan Allah jangan masa sakit sahaja. Kufur nikmat namanya. Ya Allah, seksa betul batuk-batuk, semput-semput ni. Tapi itu lah. Time ni baru nak muhasabah dosa-dosa selama hayat ni kan. 

Saya suka ubat batuk ni sebab dengan izin Allah,
batuk-batuk selama sehari suntuk hilang. Tapi sangat mengantuk!Go for bromohexine!The one in left box

Dari kecik saya bergantung dengan ini. Salbutamol inhanler. Time attacked sedut ini memang lega

Ok. Ini untuk maintenance sekali ngan attack.
Dulu-dulu masa saya serious asthma, doctor prescribe 1 untuk attack
which is yang kat atas tu Salbutamol,1 lagi warna coklat. Sekarang all in one!
But this one kakak punye prescriptions. :P 

Saya ada satu rahsia. Tapi rahsia ni bukan lah semua orang tak boleh tahu. Hanya seorang sahaja yang tak boleh tahu. So masih diklasifikasikan sebagai rahsia kan. Ok. External hardisk abah saya sudah "cannot be read by the computer" setelah di tolak oleh cucu kesayanganyya dari atas sofa ke lantai yang berlapikkan tikar buluh ke kayu tu la kan. *So semua orang boleh teka siapakah "seorang sahaja" itu* Jadi nak buat hati sedap, ianya tidak rebah dilantai "cement" atau jubin, tetapi di atas tikar yang agak tebal. Maka, saya telah bertanya kepada seorang senior di universiti saya dahulu, bertanyakan tentang bagaimana untuk me"recover" semua data dalam external hardisk itu memandangkan semua data-data tentang kerja abah ketika dia masih bekerja dulu terdapat didalam hardisk itu. 

Abah saya punya warna silver. Oh ye, saya masih sorok
hardisk belioau didalam beg tangan saya.

Setiap hari bangun pagi denga rasa bersalah selagi hardiks itu tidak dibaiki SEDANGKAN ITU BUKAN SALAH SAYA!!!! Kenapa saya perlu rasa bersalah yanga amat sangat? Sila jelaskan!!

Ok lah. Latihan industri hanya tinggal kurang dua minggu. Sila penuhkan e-Li dan mula buat report latihan industri anda.

p/s: tetibe rase cm nak update blog sbb ada stalker tu message cakap dia baru lepas stalk blog saya, *dalam hati saya berkata, Oh! Dah lame xupdate blog!

p/ss: imyt. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Didn't Asked For It?

Really? I'm sicked of it. If and only if the tie can be broken. It can't. So I have to cure myself. Isn't it pathetic?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jodoh Itu Rahsia Allah.

Haiii. So sweet lah begini. Setiap orang ada jalan penceritaan hidup tersendiri yang Allah dah tulis untuk kita. Waalhua'alam.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tentang Sayang.

Assalamualaikum! wallaaa! Title nak novel. Hahahaha. Memang takde kaitan dengan gender lain okay. Ini perasaan dengan gender yang same dan ini tak bermakna saya lesb ASTAGHFIRULLAHALAZIM! Oh tidak-tidak. Haih. Tiba-tiba sahaja. Saya tengah bermesej dengan awak, tanya awak tengaah buat apa, awak kata awak tengah makan, saya tanya lagi, makan apa, awak kata makan RASAMAS. Saya kata teringat dulu-dulu saya pernah makan RASAMAS sekali dengan dia berdua sahaja. Lepas makan RASAMAS berdua kami ke wayang. Berdua. Saya pernah message dia, saya sayang, awak, dia, dia. FULLSTOP. Sayang tak bermaksud memiliki jugak kan. Saya sayang kalian dalam hati sorang-sorang. Biarlah saya tak cakap hari-hari pun. Biar lah saya rasa awak-awak terasa pun. Janji saya sayang. Itu dah cukup. kbai! *mood tetibe*

Tak sabar nak tengok AKU ADA, KAU ADA????! 

Till then <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jangan Ambil Padang Kami

Semenjak dua menjak duduk rumah ni, saya jatuh cinta dengan cerita ni sebab saya suka Syazwan Zulkifli dalam tu. Terus google pasal dia. Ow. 'Lame' gile aku. Dia tu berlakon cite Juvana. Fine tak tahu -_- Pastu budak kecik yang model softlan ngan oreo dan lain-lain tu, dah makin banyak dia berlakon. Okay, petah sungguh dia bercakap. Lawan Mia Sara. *terus dowload lagu JAPK, Drama-Cerita Dia*

K bai! Granny's in town. My cuz gonna register for Tamhidi USIM, Dental. Second generation in the family.

p/s: tetibe teringat ada plan nak suruh future anak-anak masuk USIM :)

Register Your Starbucks Card.

This was given once I registered my card.

After that surprisingly, when I go to redeem my beverage, I was told by the counter girl, I got another 2 grande size frappu yet to be redeemed! walla!!!!! Bye!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Assalamualaikum! Ya Allah. how I miss writing in here! It happens that today when I reached home, I came to remember that I owned a blog. Why did I neglected it for like month(s)? Sorry luffpinkstuff dot blogspot dot com. You know what? It's not easy to start blogging at first at least for me. It was quite hard for me to think of the url, the blog name(title) so on. But once you got one, you'll be like neglecting it like I did. Ergh! So ungrateful! Be a grateful and thankful person will you? So what did I got today?

Well, first of all. I spent my days by going to work (I did it for the last 3months) but the difference is now my office is at Cybercafejaya. kihkihkih. So I moved back home that I stayed at my sister's at Jinjang before, when I worked at Kelana Jaya. Why it is always got "Jaya" after it? To motivate me to be a "berjaya" career lady? wtv. So now I spent most of my time at home but sometime I came home late sebab after kerja lepak ngan my friends(which abah always bising sebab supposedly anak dara kena balik awal, tak boleh keluar memalam :P) Sorry abah for disobeying but not derhaka ok! I'll just having my time with them sebab your dotter loves to chit chatting*oh, sia-sia hidup anakmu ini, terngiang-ngiang lagu Sia di corong telinga* Oh no, but maybe your daughter sangat busy at the office so she had to have some time to release dengan cara bergossip with her cliques. nuff said. ****

*** sighs, so tired of being a so called a working lady. Have to drive to work, drive home. When reached home, plays with your nieces, talks to mom dad seeing their faces you sleep then tomorrow you wake up early, took early shower, drive back to work just(as for me) to find and gain knowledge and so on. 5days a week, 20-24days a month.  Generally. After graduated you have to work, I mean real work. Get paid, pay car, live your life, have kids with your future HUSBAND,urgh can't wait. Moving to the next level is so like having unexpected results. Whether can or cannot do it. You tell. But effort is a must.

Missing my future father to my children, he called. While talking, catching up for the last few days, been busy with his FYP, explaining himself for not having time with me(I love you and thank you for building our future together) I got one waiting call which I first intended to just ignored it, but fortunately that I try to look who's on the other line and it happened to be from HSBC Recruit which I saved the number. So I took the call and talked to the HR Manager.

Called zali back right after that and told him the details conversation then he said something so sweet to my hearing at least to me.

Me: Dah banyak kali org hsbc call time I tengah cakap ngan you kan?
Him: Maknenye when I'm with you, rezeki selalu datang kan, alhamdulillah. Maknenye ape?
Me: *senyum simpul dah haku nih* Ape?
Him: Maknenye kite kene kawen cepat-cepat.
Me: hikhikhik *suke* InsyaAllah.


Tak de lah makne that he'll send the rombongan esok pagi, but it still sweet for me. ily sayang. I love you till bits insyaAllah walaupun memang kalau gaduh tu puting beliung pun tak seteruk kami *itu hyperbola, please

Talking about how I terrified that I won't get any job right after graduation, astaghfirullahal'azim. Allah promised to every each of His servant that we have been provided our own food, our own rice and water. Don't be doubtful. Believe in His words. InsyaAllah. You'll be blessed. That's it for now. bye!

oh btw, I received my parcel today. I'm so excited to go swimming with my darlings. Can't wait! 

*bodoh gile g letak gambar voucher kau, nak sedekah kat org pun.. * 
*picture removed by author*

p/s: being good to your The Only Creator(Allah), to your parents doesn't makes you any better Muslim if you're not good to others. Be good to other people. I'm a weak servant of Allah, I have many khilaf, I have many wrong doings, keep praying to be a better person. Doakan saya. Amiin.

Till then. Salam.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pagi-pagi Dah Bukak Blog Hanis Zalikha, habis duit aku.

Assalamualaikum! ^.^ Mornin. Memang aku macam takde keje sangat dah ke? Semalam teringin nak update pasal sorang minah ni. Dia blogger jugak cm kite2 la. Dia dah chow dari opis aku ni. Tapi tak sempat pulak sebab malam tadi kakngah ajak kua dinner as to celebrate my birthday. nanti-nanti la update pasal tu. Pepagi bute lepas brekfes kat pantri bukak lappy, cek belog kot-kot ade org update posting baru. Tetengok hanis zalikha nye post, terus bukak terus bace, terus beli. Fineee.. Nanti sampai rumah barang tu ummi marah sebab asyik beli kasuut je -_-'

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Hi! How have you all been? Ya Allah. Time flew faster than I thought. Just like how I thought, 4months internship duration will meets the end sooner. As I came to the office early in the morning, went through all types of traffics, hectic. I've been facing this for the last two months and I only have 2months left.

The working environment greeted me two months ago, introduced the atmosphere, all kinds of people, various type of attitudes and so on. Sometimes I felt tired, sometime I enjoyed it and sometimes it was mixed up. That is what we called life. * Suke sangat kau mumbling pasal life* Since I am in the middle of phase transition between a student become a working person. *Padahal kau baru intern. Kecoh lebih.*

Ok. What is up? Going to work everyday ontime, never been late except stuck in highway, still managed to arrive at least at 9.30. See? Am I that happy with my current life? Is there any inspirational aspect that turn me to a very dedicated person. *Sile buat muke annoying tatkala membaca baris ayat ini* Fine la sape lagi nak tolong aku boasted kan diri kalau bukan aku. Sededicated mane pun aku, jikalau kau suruh aku buat programming, maksudnya kau beri aku task programming, kau akan tengok muke aku sangat membencikan.*Sila translate sendiri la kalau kau xfaham sgt bahasa mudah aku ni*


Apesal tetibe cerita pasal annoying, membencikan, programming dan siapakah kau? Bhaahhahahahaha.. Lu pk lah sendiri. Back to my story telling..

Fiqa and I were given a task from our superior to develop a PAGE ke SYSTEM ke apekebende you name it la kan. We were given 2 days I might say. What do you expect? Bahahahahahaha. Tadi pergi present depan dia, macam trash. You know trash? Errrr. Sampah. Garbage. Padahal semalam macam excited sangat sebab dah jadi, boleh test, boleh jawab sume jadi. Time depa bos makaihhhh. Cam orang xmasuk sekolah menengah! Padahal kau siap masuk Maahad Hamidiah Kajang lagi. Kau ade? Tak de kan? First time present depan bos. Hampeh. Hancur harapan ku ini. wuwuwuwuwuw. Fine. This is what you call experience kann. Hamek kau first experience kena ngan bos. Wakakakaka. Gelakkan dia. Sape suruh bongok sangat programming. Dah nama budak sen kom patut terer ar pogramming do! Masalahnya 2hari do kau expect apa.

Alam pekerjaan buat aku jadi sangat bizibody hahaa.. Memang sejak AZALI*motif nak kale-kale pink sume? sweet kannn I???* lagi kan aku sememangnya orang yang bzbody Cumanya time student dulu bz-bz pun boleh hangout ngan buddies, buddies sana, buddies sini. But now? I only have weekends yang sometime xde pun. My Monday to Friday berlalu sangat pantas tanpa aku sedar. Serious! Sedar2 dah jumaat, balik rumah kajang, esok bangun pagi Sabetu, rase macam kena spend time with family je. Ha one thing is aku rase time ngan family sangat dan amat limited. Contohla kalau weekend kena attend wedding kawan, maybe sabtu or ahad, then my weekend for familly tinggal sehari. Minggu ni going to Melaka for two days, sebab classmate tunang. And fine aku admit yang aku rase something missing bila dah lama xjumpe engan dua orang yang dulu selalu ada time aku sedih, aku geram, aku nak mengadu domba. Fine dulu. Dah lama sangat xjumpe dorang. Bila ko hari2 makan roti, tetibe kilang roti kat mesia dah tutup, mesti ko akan alami indigestion. So, itulah yang aku alami. Cuma tahap kebzan hari-hari aku yang berlalu ni buat aku lupe kejap pasal tu. Yela, I traveled everyday. If from Kajang to my office it takes 40minutes but I have to hadap everyday's traffic jam dekat federal highway tu. But if I'm from Jinjang to office it takes 30minutes la. Jam katy LDP xlah menyeksakan. Time part nak masuk kat curve, ikea tu makaihhh. But on my way back, from officew to rumah kajang, it takes almost two hours. Imagine that. But if balik Jinjang 30minutes-1hr and half maximum depending on the keadaan trafik. Mampu? Lepas ni memang nak cari kerja dekat area rumah je. Tak Putrajaya Cyberjaya, takpun Kajang je pun xpe. For that I have to usehe lah.
This is how it looks like when you have to sit in your car for 3hours just
to get back home :( I am a kid! Why should I?

At Celcom Tower for the first time atas urusan kerja :)

Invited oleh akak CUN ni pergi tengok how UAT(User Acceptance Testing)
being done. Thank you AKAK.

Akak tu pemalu sikit orangnye*sile muntah* Yang sebelah itu supervisor kami
the greatest programmer in IDOTTV :p EnZamzuri
p/ss: thank you to that AKAK sebab she told us STORIES of working life*lie-f*
I am counting days right now to put this to an end. 29th June please come faster. Amin

p/s: tengok macam tak hepi je keje kan, its not that la since I am adapting myself wakakakaka. adapting kau amek! See you guys!!!

Till then! x0x0

p/sss: Macam nak update secara pukal la. Jap gi ade la posting baru.

Quicksnap pasal next update. Taksabar!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Salam. Yesterday was a drama. I never had a chance to act in such a drama but yesterday was an epic. I went to send off my sister and her friend to their college in Malacca with him <3. Breakfast for four at PD. He showed me his hometown. Seandainya dia untukku, dekatkanlah dan satukanlah hati kami, jika dia bukan untukku, jauhkanlah diaa dari hatiku, dari ingatanku. Amiin ya Rabb <3 Selalu bincang dengan dia, nak halalkan yang xhalal(sopan sikit bunyi dia haram = xhalal) tapi macam mana, belum mampu lagi dari segala sudut. Better pray for the best AMIN!

Comel kann camni? -____-

Till then, x0x0.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Menggigil Tak?

Salam. Sejuk sangat ke yang nak menggigil-menggigil sangat tuh??! Oh noooooooooooooo!!!! I LOVE this two person gila-gila dooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tetibe terjumpe video ini di sebuah laman web, saya tak pernah terfikir nak cari page kakak cantik manis ni di laman web -_-'


Your Playlist?

Haaaa.... Ini antara penyedap telinga ku dikala kesejukan di opis ye adik-adik kakak-kakak! Geram ase nak karaoke je kt opis nih! Siap dengan ade MiniLyrics software memang harus lah menyanyi, tapi tak dapat nokkk... Opis i skema bak kate staff-staff sini, sebab diammm dah macam library -_-'

Pencinta Terbaik,SOFAZ

Assalamualaikum!!!!!!*jerit sikit*

Lirik lagu ni remind me of him. Tetibe nak jiwang plak minah ni. Bukan nak jiwang. Teringat. Career woman kan sekarang ni. Well, career woman also must have time for her future husband! *sepak sekali nak?(ni sepak pakai kaki, bukan ngan tangan tu okeh* Ok. Get back to work

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ya Allah Kau Tempatkan Dia Di Dalam Golongan Orang Yang Beriman.

Salam. Alfatihah. Just a short updates. I just heard from friends, that my friend lost her beloved one. Subhanallah. I love her. I cry for her sadness. I pray for her cure. Done a little bit walk around, on arwah's wall as well as my friend's blog. My tear dropped. I was touched. He was a good guy as far as I heard from my friends. InsyaAllah.

"Aku akan menyusul nanti" T_________________________________T
Ya Allah. Kau Maha Mengetahui. Ya alim, Ya Rahim...


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Perodua Yang Responsive!

Hello hi Assalamualaikum! Poyo dah. Mentang-mentang dah start intern.. Hehe.. Remember me telling about my comment on Perodua websites. Look here :)

Such a...

Ingatkan dorang takkan reply -_-

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Step By Step Facial Care.

Assalamualaikum! Hai ^.^

As I write this post, I just washed my face minutes ago. My skin felt so fresh and smooth(as I've been touching it over and over -_- perasan). Then I stood up in front of my make-up rack and started to questioned myself. Do I have to apply the toner after I washed my face? Then, there goes my other voice saying, "Toner is to help to cover back the opened pore after you have washed your face with your facial cleanser." Okay then, I wondered again, "We do have to let our skin "sleep"/rest as well during night without putting any make-up on. Right?" Chop! But sometimes, I do feels that toner will help your skin relax since the word TONER synonym with the word PENYEGAR. So penyegar muka means TONER. So sometimes I think we have to apply toner after the cleanser before sleep. And wait, there are products of "Night Cream" from all brands right? So there goes my conclusion, I can apply something else after I wash my face at night before sleep. See? Now, I'm mumbling -___-'

Better late than never I thought. Here goes the googling just now with chosen keywords "As stated above : Step By Step Facial Care". Both Men and women have to take care of their skin especially face lah. Because, we women, face is located at the top of our body, excluding hair since we Muslim Women are covering our hair :). I started to google, then I found several webpages that attracted my sight.

This is what Renee Rouleau said, she is a celebrity esthetician.

1. Touching your face all day long, without intentionally doing so, is making your face one of the dirtiest parts on your body. It’s important to clean the skin to avoid the spread of acne bacteria that can cause increased blemishes.
2. Cleansing your skin at night will reduce oil and the ability for acne-causing bacteria to thrive inside the pores. This means less break outs!
3. Your skin repairs itself at night, so removing makeup gives your skin a clean palette for applying your night time performance products for maximum absorption. --> They are sleeping katenye :P
4. While you sleep, your skin is at rest allowing regeneration to occur. For the best anti-aging results, clean your skin with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser like Luxe Mint Cleansing Gel or AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel and use a high performance serum and moisturizer.
5. Moisturizers evaporate when on the skin all day, so washing your skin and applying moisturizer at night ensures it will stay moist and hydrated.--> So, from now on, you! you! and you! apply night cream!

In another site says that, after you clean your face, you MUST apply a good night cream. This is the ideal night beauty step! Hooorrahh Beba, good job. Because all this while, every after facial cleansing, I will apply toner, then moisturizer.

If you want to know a very simple step by step facial care. :)

Step 1: Cleanse

Gently massage your cleanser into your face and neck (taking care not to drag or roughly handle your skin) and then, depending on the type of cleanser you are using, remove your cleanser by rinsing with water or wiping it off with cotton wipes.

Step 2: Tone

Now is the time to give your face another splash with water or some toner applied with a cotton pad.

Step 3: Moisturize

The final step is to inject some moisture into your newly refreshed skin. Moisturizers are essential for all skin types and will replenish any moisture that your skin has lost and will prevent any further loss. 
Once your skin has soaked in your moisturizer then your facial is complete!

Some extra information about toner. Some people thinks that, in facial care, we can skip toner. But for me, it is essential. Because, toner will get rid of any traces cleanser and make-ups remaining on (as well as) IN your skin, temporarily shrink pores and may even give a moisturizing effect depending on the ingredient in the toner.

Plus, they said that "You have to put your moisturizer on before the toner had dry, because this will helps sealed in extra moisturizer." lol. For me, I always wait for my toner to dry before applying the moisturizer, since what I kept in mind was, toner helps to cover opened pores, then when I apply moisturizer on top of that, the moisturizer  will not enter the pore before its been fully covered. :P Silly me. Plus, it doesn't feel so right if you apply the cream when the toner is still wet. Errr... Okay.

Another simple tips from other websites. Still the three steps are being applied. Lovin' it.

Before cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser, it is wise to give yourself a light steam treatment to open your pores and prepare your face for cleaning. To do this, simply soak a soft towel in a bowl of comfortably warm herbal tea (chamomile is one of my favorites). Wring out the towel and place it over your face and neck area and relax until it cools slightly. You may repeat this process, as it is quite soothing.

I am using this for idk, one year and it suits me well.
Cleanse your face with a gentle handmade cleanser such as Rose Cream Cleanser (recipe below). Use upward, circular movements of the fingertips to gently stimulate the skin and help lift surface debris and excess oil. Rinse with warm water and gently pat excess moisture from face with a soft towel. If you wear heavy make-up, you might wish to repeat the cleansing process.

After cleansing, it is important to tone the skin. Use ingredients that help balance the pH of the skin as it is typically disturbed during the cleansing process. The recipe for Tone Up Tea is excellent for most skin types, and contains aloe to soothe and green tea as an effective anti-oxidant. Apply the toner with a soft cotton pad, but do not rub the skin. Rather, saturate the pad and pat the toner over the face and neck area. Do not pat skin dry. If you sense the aroma of the cider vinegar, don’t worry. It disappears quickly. Apple cider vinegar is the best natural ingredient to ensure optimal pH balance for the skin. Avoid eye area when using this toner. You skin is now ready for moisturizing.
And this is for the toning step. I 've just realized, that I've been using not the same product as my face wash and cream. Supposedly I must've used this..

Wrong cap only. The thing is I is hard to find this type of toner. In the drugstore they would always  the gray penutup one. :p
Moisturize your skin using Aromatic Facial Oil, which contains a host of soothing ingredients to add moisture and nutrients to your skin. To seal in the moisture, be sure to apply the oil while skin remains damp from applying the toner. Gently apply the oil to your face and neck using patting motions. For oily areas of skin, one application of oil should suffice. Apply twice to dry areas of skin, waiting about 2-3 minutes between applications, and being sure to moisten the skin slightly with water or toner before the second application
Been using this as soon as I use the same cleanser, because before this I used....
for the past 5 years when I was in matriculation because my skin got so dried back then.
So, that's it. I'll just have to continue what I've been doing all this while cause it worth doing it. I know that my skin is not as glowing as Dato' Siti Nurhaliza, as fair as Neealofa, as gebu as Shahiezy Sam (Erk? Actually I was about to type his sister's name, but tertulis Shahiezy. jodoh dah tu kot :P) Tapi as long as I feel okay with it. Alhamdulillah. Just sharing. *x0x0*
That was when I was eating with my boyfriend latebreakfast the other day, he started to complained on my make-up since he doesn't like me putting make-up on, the least is I only apply cream and base to avoid me looks like sick. He said that I'm "darkening" plus I've a mustache! Ewww! Such a no-heart-and-stomach-person lah you! aishhh. He said that, " I tak suke perempuan ada misai." Like I care lah pakcik. hahaha. That is why I kept on looking at my face/mustache before I went to bathroom just now. Then I felt like writing this :)
And, girls! Since I am a heavy-make-up-person sometimes :p (sometimes lah sangat) it did mentioned in one of the articles, that we have to double the cleansing step. Know why? You knew it.And my problem is, I rarely use make-up remover. Because I think the oil in the remover will not act as smooth as baby johnson's bedtime oil. 
I will think twice to buy this instead of ..
...this (:
So conclusion, I remove make-up using baby oil. :)

Addition, I tried using a remover from bodyshop, it was great, but later it was hard to find the product in several BS outlets, so I went back to the baby oil.
Love this because the aroma is not strong.
Now, talking about skin remind me of my eczema problem. Not to be assaulting, I have a genetic of an eczema skin problem. But I would like to stop this entry till the next posting. Eczema. 
Till then, babai.x0x0