Thursday, May 09, 2013

June postings.

Assalamualaikum and Good Day everyone!!! Hello! Guess what makes me feels very happy today? I got to pass two of a toughest part in my whole life, after everything as per today lah. haha. It was so relieving to pass those 'examination' session. I thank Allah s.w.t for all His blessings and help. He will never dissappoint His servant whenever we ask or we want. Allahuakbar! Alhamdulillah. That is why people always said, whenever you want, where got wills, you will success.

By the ways, all I need to say here and now is we ought to do things that we do best. Someone use to say this to me when i always get so underestimate my own self. "You sure have something that you do best". But the thing is by then, i was still tryig to figure what i do best?! Time flew and 4years has come to an end. I met someone that i took her as my mentor. We met somewhere in Feb 2012. We learnt things and stuffs from her. She taught us basic ups and downs in working life. That we should face sooner or later. 

I don't think that she made me love what i love now but she did greet us with the foundation of it. I know i won't make a living with what i've learnt for 4 years because i just don't. So thanks to her. I am in the midst of transferring my self to the 2nd level of this job. Anyhow, i need to expand what i have now. By the ways, Selamat Pengantin Baru to Nurul FarraDila Afanddi *i dunt think i spell her name right* sorry kakak. 
You were looking gourgeous sister! Congratulations to you and GK :)

One thing i hate to do most is making decisions. Eventhough whenever i go, i love to decide where to eat, what to do where to hang outs and all. But when it come to making live decisions, i will be very chickened. We have to make mistakes though but i hate when i made one. Hating is not a POSITIVE word guys. Don't put it in your dictionary. Delete. Ok. 

Its been a year. Almost. Time flew. Yea we knew that. The should we flew together? Go with the flow. Don't fly with the flow. You're fat. Just don't. 

Day is getting hotter. Its 12:40pm noon. Waiting for daddy to finish his checkup in the endoscopic unit. Hope everything is gonna be okay. Gonna polish my postings hobby. I just don't even have spare time for blogging. Starting my laptop, blogwalk like old days -____-. I miss those days. But last weekend i am started to watch WILD ROMANCE! WILD ROMANCE everyone! Haha. Till then. Bye! Assalamualaikum :)