Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Didn't Asked For It?

Really? I'm sicked of it. If and only if the tie can be broken. It can't. So I have to cure myself. Isn't it pathetic?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jodoh Itu Rahsia Allah.

Haiii. So sweet lah begini. Setiap orang ada jalan penceritaan hidup tersendiri yang Allah dah tulis untuk kita. Waalhua'alam.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tentang Sayang.

Assalamualaikum! wallaaa! Title nak novel. Hahahaha. Memang takde kaitan dengan gender lain okay. Ini perasaan dengan gender yang same dan ini tak bermakna saya lesb ASTAGHFIRULLAHALAZIM! Oh tidak-tidak. Haih. Tiba-tiba sahaja. Saya tengah bermesej dengan awak, tanya awak tengaah buat apa, awak kata awak tengah makan, saya tanya lagi, makan apa, awak kata makan RASAMAS. Saya kata teringat dulu-dulu saya pernah makan RASAMAS sekali dengan dia berdua sahaja. Lepas makan RASAMAS berdua kami ke wayang. Berdua. Saya pernah message dia, saya sayang, awak, dia, dia. FULLSTOP. Sayang tak bermaksud memiliki jugak kan. Saya sayang kalian dalam hati sorang-sorang. Biarlah saya tak cakap hari-hari pun. Biar lah saya rasa awak-awak terasa pun. Janji saya sayang. Itu dah cukup. kbai! *mood tetibe*

Tak sabar nak tengok AKU ADA, KAU ADA????! 

Till then <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jangan Ambil Padang Kami

Semenjak dua menjak duduk rumah ni, saya jatuh cinta dengan cerita ni sebab saya suka Syazwan Zulkifli dalam tu. Terus google pasal dia. Ow. 'Lame' gile aku. Dia tu berlakon cite Juvana. Fine tak tahu -_- Pastu budak kecik yang model softlan ngan oreo dan lain-lain tu, dah makin banyak dia berlakon. Okay, petah sungguh dia bercakap. Lawan Mia Sara. *terus dowload lagu JAPK, Drama-Cerita Dia*

K bai! Granny's in town. My cuz gonna register for Tamhidi USIM, Dental. Second generation in the family.

p/s: tetibe teringat ada plan nak suruh future anak-anak masuk USIM :)

Register Your Starbucks Card.

This was given once I registered my card.

After that surprisingly, when I go to redeem my beverage, I was told by the counter girl, I got another 2 grande size frappu yet to be redeemed! walla!!!!! Bye!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Assalamualaikum! Ya Allah. how I miss writing in here! It happens that today when I reached home, I came to remember that I owned a blog. Why did I neglected it for like month(s)? Sorry luffpinkstuff dot blogspot dot com. You know what? It's not easy to start blogging at first at least for me. It was quite hard for me to think of the url, the blog name(title) so on. But once you got one, you'll be like neglecting it like I did. Ergh! So ungrateful! Be a grateful and thankful person will you? So what did I got today?

Well, first of all. I spent my days by going to work (I did it for the last 3months) but the difference is now my office is at Cybercafejaya. kihkihkih. So I moved back home that I stayed at my sister's at Jinjang before, when I worked at Kelana Jaya. Why it is always got "Jaya" after it? To motivate me to be a "berjaya" career lady? wtv. So now I spent most of my time at home but sometime I came home late sebab after kerja lepak ngan my friends(which abah always bising sebab supposedly anak dara kena balik awal, tak boleh keluar memalam :P) Sorry abah for disobeying but not derhaka ok! I'll just having my time with them sebab your dotter loves to chit chatting*oh, sia-sia hidup anakmu ini, terngiang-ngiang lagu Sia di corong telinga* Oh no, but maybe your daughter sangat busy at the office so she had to have some time to release dengan cara bergossip with her cliques. nuff said. ****

*** sighs, so tired of being a so called a working lady. Have to drive to work, drive home. When reached home, plays with your nieces, talks to mom dad seeing their faces you sleep then tomorrow you wake up early, took early shower, drive back to work just(as for me) to find and gain knowledge and so on. 5days a week, 20-24days a month.  Generally. After graduated you have to work, I mean real work. Get paid, pay car, live your life, have kids with your future HUSBAND,urgh can't wait. Moving to the next level is so like having unexpected results. Whether can or cannot do it. You tell. But effort is a must.

Missing my future father to my children, he called. While talking, catching up for the last few days, been busy with his FYP, explaining himself for not having time with me(I love you and thank you for building our future together) I got one waiting call which I first intended to just ignored it, but fortunately that I try to look who's on the other line and it happened to be from HSBC Recruit which I saved the number. So I took the call and talked to the HR Manager.

Called zali back right after that and told him the details conversation then he said something so sweet to my hearing at least to me.

Me: Dah banyak kali org hsbc call time I tengah cakap ngan you kan?
Him: Maknenye when I'm with you, rezeki selalu datang kan, alhamdulillah. Maknenye ape?
Me: *senyum simpul dah haku nih* Ape?
Him: Maknenye kite kene kawen cepat-cepat.
Me: hikhikhik *suke* InsyaAllah.


Tak de lah makne that he'll send the rombongan esok pagi, but it still sweet for me. ily sayang. I love you till bits insyaAllah walaupun memang kalau gaduh tu puting beliung pun tak seteruk kami *itu hyperbola, please

Talking about how I terrified that I won't get any job right after graduation, astaghfirullahal'azim. Allah promised to every each of His servant that we have been provided our own food, our own rice and water. Don't be doubtful. Believe in His words. InsyaAllah. You'll be blessed. That's it for now. bye!

oh btw, I received my parcel today. I'm so excited to go swimming with my darlings. Can't wait! 

*bodoh gile g letak gambar voucher kau, nak sedekah kat org pun.. * 
*picture removed by author*

p/s: being good to your The Only Creator(Allah), to your parents doesn't makes you any better Muslim if you're not good to others. Be good to other people. I'm a weak servant of Allah, I have many khilaf, I have many wrong doings, keep praying to be a better person. Doakan saya. Amiin.

Till then. Salam.