Saturday, February 07, 2015


Assalamualaikum.. Hello.. Here's the thing. I promised myself to blog more often in my last posting, yet I break it one more time. I think smartphones need to take the blame. We rather stick to our smartphone than laptop or computers since we can do almost EVERYTHING using it. I admit that I even neglected my facebook page ever since I have used Instagram application. Because? Just so you know that, back then when we only had Twitter and Facebook and blogspot etc etc, I, myself is a stalker and always am. In every pages I went in I will look for photos they posted -- always. Indeed -- pictures speak louder than words. Interesting pictures makes me excited to read the captions --  then the postings. 

When Instagram first introduced, I signed up and started to follow all my fav celebrities(as usual) and all bloggers that I followed in blogging world. They were my first followings. They themselves(I mean the bloggers), started to active posting their photos and less in the blogspot. So do I.

That was why, I always missed blogging ever since. And now, here I am promising every single day to blog no matter what. Hahahahahah. 

Flipped page by page to read my old postings, found out that I kept talking about my boyfriend on and on. Was so naive and lame thinking that I will get married to him right after degree. I am just an ordinary girl who love to dream fairytales. Little did I know, life is not as what you think it is. Life is challenges, adventures, survives and you name it. 

Once you enter new phase of life, you will find it even more difficult to survive. Back then, when I was a degree student, all and all I only have things like assignments, exams, classes etc to deal with but now, a career woman with lots and lots of LIFE problems. Its not wrong to dream big, high but at least knowing that everything is not achievable without effort. Big one. 

Would never know that I need to deal with many kind of people's behaviour. Like a 30yo person behaving like a 13yo. I would never thought of meeting people with a very bad intention who would tell stories to others when you're not together anymore. I have so many friends that live with me before and none of these people crossed in front of my eyes. On my 26th years I happened to meet these people who would questioned whether or not you are sincere towards them. Funny. Life is like a wheel. What goes around comes around. 

Who would EVER admit that she/he is innocent? That she/he is NOBLE? They will post on the facebook page saying that I am noble not a sinner what the fishing person is that. 

Till then, xoxo. 

I just love this guy and hoping to be his everything one fine day. In sya Allah.