Sunday, December 30, 2012

How to React when something unexpected happens?

Hi Assalamualaikum. Yes, this is my second posting after the first one after I left this blog for some time. So, have you ever felt heart pounding or something that makes your heart beats without a rhymes and so on? Yes. How do we cope with that? How do we react? Yeah, this is a biology class students.

You never thought you will face this. You'll never expect to have this moment and scenario. You never planned for an incident recovery or disaster recovery or whatever. It was just happened. Well, the only thing is to turn to your One and Only God, Allah SWT. Its not that we did not turn to Allah for all this while, but currently that is my only IRP. You don't tell me that, I have to at least be prepared if something like this happens but yes I don't.

This is not the time to play around, now is not the time for you to take things for granted. I'm 24 and I'm about to plan everything but what will you do if it doesn't turn to what you've been planning? It is called FATE. And as a Muslim you MUST believe in Qada' and Qadar.

Allah SWT has already planned EVERYTHING for you. On the other hand, you can also plan something for yourself but He knows well. What is good and what is not. When what you need and what you want is now kinda blur for me. Wise. Is just it.

The next thing is, I never will regret what I've done or said. I'll never cares of what other people feels while they were just ignore my feelings. Yeah sometimes you have to be that mean. I am no type of jelly-jelly people! I'm tough now. Its tiring when you keep on thinking other's feeling instead of yours.

What will you do if you chose something you thinks is good for you now but ain't good for you 10 years later? Or less? How will you chose baby? But how do we know that, that is no good for you 10 years later? It's the art of making decision. Trust me.

#nowlistening to KEMBALI by Akim and Stacy for thousands of times....

Till then,x0x0

Sunday, December 16, 2012


         Assalamualaikum w.b.t people. Was so long time ago last I enter this to write a post. I miss this page damn much! How I miss writing stories, crying myself out here. Even though I looks stupid, so what? I never care about that. It seems like this was my interest. Used to say once, I love writing posts to improve my writing and speech skills. 

Ya Allah, I really missed this. I used to have my linger time during uni days as well as while I was doing my internship in Kelana Jaya. While reaching my final days in internship, I started to get busy looking for a job. I went to several job interviews. I gaiend lots and lots of experience in facing interviews and my personal opinion about that is you are selling yourself and your values to others :P I earned loads of confidenc. Know why?? When you talks to people from your outside cling, you'll get new opinions and ideas. You'll know how people looks at you. You'll know how people judge you. Professional people will always give professional ideas. That was what I thinks back then. I was so fresh. I used to tell friends that I was an interviewphobic. lol :P

Well, out of 4-5(can't remember) interviews, I got 3 offers out of it and I took one. And here I am. A Software Test Engineer. How cool is that post to me back then. Not anymore. Quite blur what is am going to tell tonite. Let's ramble :P

By the ways, since 5months ago, I always wanted to post something here everytime I did something new, as usual, everytime I learned something new etc but the thing is I don't think blogging can be inserted into my 24hrs now. I stole few of it to be spent with my loved ones. Most of it will be going to work. I know I'll get bored sooner or getting tired but lets pray that the time will come  later. 

I really miss writing. I missed to let myself out in a way that people won't have to listen to what I'm going to say and tell. Instead I know that random and anonymous people will read it and I felt it that way. 

But thing is, I really missed everything. Its not that I'm not happy with my current life but somehow tight schedule makes me always remember my old time. My fat-but-not-this-fat time, my happy-super-unserious-time compared to now. But life must goes on. As always, I love to Ctrl+S my schedule here. Working gets me busy and I love that. It makes me realize my old life is such a waste. Educationally :P I had so much fun, lingering around during my old days. But I love that. That is what I love the most. See? I never get serious with my studies at all. But I do struggle sometimes *crossfinger*




Today is Sunday and I just got back from work. And now is 11.44pm and tomorrow we have to get back to work and I started to let my self in this page. But good thing is now I know how to avoid myself from waking up late for school  work and wake myself up. :D 

p/s: Really want to refresh my blogging interest. Actually, I always want to blog my new life 5 months ago but I couldn't. Lets hope :P
p/ss: Everyone is posting about their convo day. So sweet <3 a="a" and="and" but="but" course="course" do.="do." do="do" dont="dont" few="few" finally="finally" font="font" graduated.="graduated." grateful="grateful" happy="happy" have="have" heart="heart" i="i" later.="later." m="m" nbsp="nbsp" of="of" pictures="pictures" so="so" that="that" to="to" will="will">
Till then, x0x0.