Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hi!(Even I know I am talking to nobody) but here we go. Like the old days, two or three years back. Ya Allah, how I miss those times. There you go beba. Always being like sweety munchy gedik mengada me. When I was back in uni, I always like missing my school years and matric life. But now, I started to miss the old uni life, but yeah. This is life. Life goes on. As the time goes, you will always and always love to look back just to remember old sweet things, old sweet friends you've had and what you've done with those friends long time ago. I don't know why, but I love doing that. It makes me appreciate and always remember all people that used to live in my heart and will always be. It's just that we have to move on. Its not that you need to forget what you've gone through but you will instead keep it in your safe. Sometimes, I will really missing those friends because I don't think I can have the same people around me like the old days. 

Great friends are like STARS, you don't always see them but you know they are always there. I learn the life through them. I learn friendship through true friends. I learn how to deal with hard times with THEM. They are always there, they are always here. In my heart. 

By the ways, 25 years are almost coming to the end. Most of my friends are already a WIFE to a husband and a MOM to a child and a FIANCE to a future husband. I'm still here. Not much of me that I could tell, but yes, I already had my second job. More sal, but still me :P Never had enough. Same boyfriend since 4 years ago and counting. Waiting for him to propose, to hand me a ring and asking me to marry him, give him kids. YES! Pathetic and patience me indeed! 

2 of my best of friends already married to their man on the same day. August 16th, I was the bridesmaid of one of them. I was rushing to attend the other wedding in Melaka. I managed to see with my own eyes the two of them, getting married and yes I was so sad. 

I knew her 9 years ago, I was a new student. We became friends, she will lent her shoulder whenever I need and now, she's someone's wife, and I know that AMI will always take good care of her. 

I knew her 2 years after that, she was my good listener, and I tried my best to hers. FIKRI is very lucky to have you. 


Laila is getting married, she got engaged last two weeks. One after another. sighssss..


So I did mentioned that I have moved to my second job now, same role as before. TEST ANALYST, at an MNC located in Cyberjaya. First thing is nearer to my house and plus the benefits of course! Good thing is I get to do things that is relevant to my last job. Same field, which doesn't require me to do lots of learning process. I mean, in term of product knowledge but yes, the method of doing testing, and work processes, documentation is different. Working environment yes, different. People are totally different. I got to know lots of foreigners here. Most of them are from INDIA and PHILIPPINE plus I got to practice my English now. In fact, I feel more terrible and sucks in using English. Ergh! Ask me why! Work load are almost same. When there are deadlines, then I will be busy. When there is none, then I can relax bit. But working here I can at least balance my working hours, family time and also me time. But I missed my old colleagues :(.

I don't want 2013 to end. I will be 26 next year! Haven't tell any stories about my boyfriend yet right? He just got a job as an Engineer in Terengganu. When I was working in KL, he was here in Sepang, when I got to move here in Cyberjaya, he went to Terengganu. Ain't we had a destiny to be together? YES in sya Allah. With Allah's will. He is a career man now :P yaiks! 


So I think that's it for now? Till then, in sya Allah. Buhbye!
Nazirah's solemnization night.

DURRAFIKRI reception.

lol, that was me and the bestman. Nazirah's husband's bestfriend.

By the ways, we went to Krabi last October. If I have time, I'll update here. 

Let's have more vacation after this.

We called us PONCO twins. 

Ok. Bye!