Sunday, December 01, 2013

Find My Phone is intended to find LOST, not stolen phones.

Assalamualaikum. Hi. Few more minutes to Monday, working day. Monday blues. Gonna wear blues definitely, No? There you go mumbling ummu habibah. So, I just realized that referring to my post title. Yeah, right. Find My iPhone apps is only to track LOST iPhone, not stolen iPhone. My friend's sister called me this afternoon with a very sweet intro:

Something like this-
Unknown number: Hello, baba!! Baba blacksheep have you any wool.. 
Me: Yes, nak ape? *low-tone, because I was working, supporting mock-run atd client side*
Unknown Number: Kenal aku x?
Me: Ye kenape?
Unknown Number: iPhone *******(friend's name) hilang. 
Me: *straight away, my mind was directed to an apps called Find My iPhone* Dia ada download Find My iPhone tak?
Unknown Number: Tak sure. Nanti aku tanya dia, anything aku call balik.
I heard my friend's crying voice, if it was me, who lost it, I would _________(fill in the blanks)

So I was working, supporting the mock-run and while doing my work, which I have quite plenty of time searching the web, googled this and that, I asked her iCloud ID and password, since the only way is to remotely get into the phone and locate or delete anything that I could but unfortunately, the iPhone was switched OFF. 

Nothing can be done when the phone being switched OFF. :(

Did a lot more reading about this and of course yes, many people happened to lost their iPhone. Then one forum-er mentioned, the apps is meant to locate LOST not stolen iPhone. At first I was so excited, eager and confident convincing my friend that we will get to trace her iPhone but later I felt, the forum-er was true. The apps is meant to find/locate LOST/missplaced iPhone, not stolen iPhone.

I remembered, once. My brother-in-law's motorcycle was lost stolen by a thieve. Came into our house and stole the bike away. After few effort(usually my dad will perform solat hajat or  recite yaasin, there's a benefit for stolen things, forgotten things in our Al-Quran) so two days later, the bike was found in our neighborhood's surau. Safe and sound. If the thing meant to be ours, then it'll be ours :)

On top of that, we will need to always think back, maybe it's not meant for us. Dah Tak ada rezeki nak buat macam mana kan? 

p/s: straight away I texted my friend just to ask her whether she got Find My iPhone installed and enabled on her iPhone. But more or less, we cannot do anything either. But at least we can try.

Till then, salam.

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