Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DAIYAN TRISHA - Youtube Talent

Recently, I saw a girl that I don't know acting in a Telemovie in ASTRO CERIA untuk kita aja tu. She is so cantik. Comel. Sweet I think. She is just enough for a guy to fall for. If I am a guy I will for sure. Stock-stock muka macam comel je, macam cantik je. I asked my sissy who the heck was acting with my BRONT PALARAE, bahahaha. So she told, she's another youtube singer. She got talent, she got looks. I just like her, she can also ACT! Suara dia just nice. Merdu you know? So I youtubed her and found few cover songs that she did. I posted this one right here because I felt err.. Nothing. I just posted this just because. 

Youtube talents nowadays ibarat cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan. Betul? bahahaha.. Pun boleh! Beba pun mungkin mampu jadi youtube talent yang tumbuh selepas hujan. Who knows? What ever. Bye!

Till then.

p/s: Ala I just nak mention yang I just knew her like? A week ago. Biarlah! Bye =P

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